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Product design, UI/UX
The Challenge
The National Bank of Umm Al Qaiwain (NBQ) are one of the leading banks in the UAE. They approached an agency I was working at, looking for a digital solution that could bring them up to date in the market and help their customers become more connected with their day to day finances.
Discovery And Planning
We wanted to get an in depth understanding of our clients expectations, so we began with a series meetings running through their ideas and competitor analysis to gather their thoughts and feelings about digital trends in the current fintech space. These meetings were really useful as a starting point and helped us agree on a range of deliverables we felt were achievable.
As a discovery exercise, we started off researching the market and looking into what traditional banks were offering as well as the emerging competitor banks. We pulled together things we both liked and disliked and used this as a starting point to list out some of the features we would like this product to include.
Actionable Research
We began to pull together in depth competitor analysis, and walked through these screens with a client to get an idea of the type of things they liked and disliked. This helped us to agree on a set of deliverable features and journeys.
Wireframes, Wireframes And More Wireframes…
Working closely with a customer experience designer we began to wireframe most of the deliverable journeys, putting these into a prototype we could present back to our client so they could navigate through.
Rapid Prototyping
We also carried out various rounds of user testing which helped us to make changes at an earlier stage and get an insight to what sort of features are valuable to customers.
Creating A Simple Style Guide
We then began to put together a simple style guide, which would make it easier for another designer to pick up and implement on the wireframes. We also presented these to the development team at an early stage so they could began work.
Fleshing Out The Final Product
After we had a streamlined prototype agreed with our clients, we began to flesh out some of the final journeys to a high fidelity standard. This helped to bring the product to life, and helped our development team get a grasp of the standard the finished product should be built to.

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