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The Challenge
Fidelity manage over 2.4 million clients worldwide, and felt it was key to keep them engaged via a new digital platform. They wanted to provide their customers with a stand alone service that could aggregate all their finances in one place, and analyse and provide them with financial tips to help save and manage there money smartly.
The Goal
The goal was to create a digital solution that provides a holistic view of each customers financial situation. We would then be able to provide them insights into their savings, spending habits and also offer them a service which aggregates all their financial needs in once place.
Understanding The Customer
We worked closely with the analytics team to gather data on existing customers to try and build up a picture of them to see how the proposition could add value to their existing experience. As well as this we analysed the market to identify what the new target audience could look like, and what similar platforms were already out there. After researching various competitors and interviewing customers (both existing and new customers who used similar services) we began to build up a picture of them and how they behaved when using services of this nature. From this we began to identify some key opportunities and how we could integrate existing areas of their business to add value to our customers.
Blaine, 25
Blaine is a musician and content creator. When he’s not socialising or travelling he likes to play football and occasionally boxes.

He enjoys saving, but is some times unsure of what to do with his money once he has it in his account. He is thinking of buying property.
Kate , 38
Kate is a entrapeneur and runs a eccocmerce business selling vegan make up. One of the most important things to her is being able to access her accounts through a digital format.

She considers herself a saver, and always likes to have some money saved incase of an emergency.
Spotting Oppourtunities
We conducted a series of interviews with people that used challenger banks or similar services. As well as asking them about the current services they use, we also proposed the proposition we were working on, and how they felt about it. Here is some of the feedback we captured:
User Journey Flow
We then ran a series of internal workshops with stakeholders and various people from within the business to present our research and a few initial concepts and get an idea of their thoughts and gather early feedback. As well as presenting our findings, we also worked through various post it note excercises to work user flows and customer goals.
Mapping Out Potential Solutions
After summarising the information from user interviews, workshops and data analysis, we began sketching potential solutions and looking how we could tie in some of Fidelity's existing services within this product.
Creating A Simple Architecture
The research made it evident how different customers would expect different services from the app, so before creating wireframes I decided to put together a few basic user stories to work against.
Testing Low-fi Prototypes
After creating a few basic journeys and a simple architecture,  of how users may interact with this product, we began to build a low-fidelity prototype using to test against potential customers.
We made some great discoveries during testing and began to re-iterated the prototype according to the feedback we received and repeated this throughout the testing phase.
Creating A Library Of Components
We wanted to create a fresh and uplifting product that would stand out in the
fin-tech market, but at the same time not stray too far away from Fidelity's existing design patterns. We chose to lead with a few strong shades of blue as it is proved that blue symbolises trust, loyalty and wisdom. We also used various other lighter shades, and secondary colours from the existing design system to complement the primary blue.
Hi-fidelity Prototype
In order to present this concept back to the business, I put together a clickable prototype to show potential features and customer journeys of how they could navigate the app. Click here to see more.
What Was Achieved?
I worked closely with all stakeholders involved on this project and kept them informed and part of the process, as this product developed. The product was well reveived and shared with the wider business and gave a great insight to how this coud postion Fidelity and there products in the future.
An innovitive product that ties in key areas of Fidelity Internationals business, and presents them to the customers in an easy and accessable app.
A platform that allows users to aggregate all their finances in one place, and receive helpful insights on how they can manage and grow their money.

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