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Fidelity Secure Enviroment
UI & UX Design
The challenge
Whilst working at Fidelity I was briefed with the challenge to refresh a secure environment for their personal investment business in Germany. This is the place where people would come to check on their investments, make transactions and manage their money, so it was important to deliver a seamless digital experience that felt secure and trustworthy. This was a ‘lift and shift’ task meaning there was no scope to restructure any of the existing architecture, but just to refresh the existing portal with the new UI & UX uplift.
Creating a basic architecture
A natural starting point for me to get a better understanding was to map out some user journey flows so I could begin to define some of the keys pages. Creating these user flows helped me to understand the portal and how users would interact with it.
Creating a libary of components
Using these key journeys, and existing pages as wireframes, I began to list out and design components that were re-ocuring. This naturally began to form a component library and mini design system, that would make it easier to manage and implement page designs going forward.
Collaborating with developers
I began to break down the component library into different sections that I could hand over to developers, for example I put together a detailed document that focused specifically on the account summary page, and handed this over along with design guidelines. Luckily enough this was developed in the UK so I made an active effort to work closely with the developers and answer any questions they had about designs.
The finished product
From start to finish this whole project took roughly 9 months to deliver and push live. In this time we ended up making design changes to over 90 pages across 3 different brake points. There was an uplift in engagement of the portal, and customer service enquires have reduced by over 40% since this has gone live.
Improved UI
We managed to deliver a refreshed digital experience within a short space of time, following disciplined 2 week sprints and succesfully colaborating with different parts of the business.
Increased Transactions
We saw a significant increase in completed transactions and funds deposited on the platform.
What was acheived?
I worked closely with all stakeholders and colleagues involved, and kept them informed and part of the process, as the project developed. The final portal was well received and at the time was used as a bench mark for other regions to work towards.

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