Fidelity FCC Advisor Portal
UI&UX - Design System - Research
Fidelity Investments Canada, operates as an investment management firm based in Toronto, CA. They approached the team I was working for, to help create a digital portal for their advisors to interact with their clients.
I travelled out to Toronto, to talk through their requirements and run a series of workshops to engage with key stakeholders, define who would be using the platform and map out an MVP.

They had an existing portal that was dated and had limited functionality, so this was an opportunity to add value to their existing platform.

In preparation we performed various other forms of re-search such as interviews with advisors, customers, and stakeholders, competitor analysis and market re-search against other services across different regions.

From speaking to advisors and customers, we began to see re-occuring problems, such as:

- They both wanted to be able to customise the portal

- Customers felt the existing portal was dated and hard to navigate

- There was an appetite to outsource this service to other advisory firms

From speaking to advisors, we soon began to see how they use the existing portal and what sort of tasks they perform. I began to capture and map these out which helped to begin building a simple architecture to work from.
Along with mapping out the journeys of the advisors, I began to put together low fidelity wireframes that we could present back to some of the advisors to get their initial feedback.
Whilst wire framing and begining to build a basic prototype, I began list out various components that re-occured across the different pages. Rather than designing each individual page, I began to design these different components which began to form a small library to work from. We had already agreed to use the existing design standards so this made this task slightly easier.

The next step was to align some of the high fidelity components with the wire frames to create finished mock ups we could present back to advisors and customers to gather their feedback.
I worked closely with all stakeholders involved on this project and kept them informed and part of the process, as the project developed. The product was well received and shared with the wider business and gave a great insight to how this could position Fidelity in the advisory market.