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About me

I’ve had many labels during my career, but in a nutshell,
I enjoy creating digital experiences…

I'm a product designer who has a passion for solving problems, pixel perfect interfaces, and a desire to make things look better. By combining research, prototyping, visual design and interactions, I aim to transform problems into pixel perfect solutions that makes peoples lives that little bit easier.

Freelancing for the last six years between corporates and in house agencies has taught me how to
balance business goals and constraints and really focus on what is important to users.

My working process…

The first stage is defining the problem you are solving. It’s important to be able to understand the customer and empathise with what they are trying to accomplish.
After creating a problem statement to work to, I begin to research the market and see what exists. This may be by talking to customers or competitor analysis.
Prototype & test
The next stage is to test possible solutions against potential customers. The purpose at this point is to learn if we have solved any of the original necessary problems.
It’s very rare to get this process right the first time round, so taking feedback and re-iterating amendments is a key part in the process.
With enough information gathered, I can begin to create initial ideas, by defining user journeys and creating rough wireframes and prototypes.
I can then begin to flesh out hi-fidelity designs, defining individual elements that can be used to create a consistent design system.

Here’s a few companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with:

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