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I’ve had many labels during my career, but in a nutshell, I enjoy creating digital experiences…

I'm a product designer who has a passion for solving problems, pixel perfect interfaces, and a desire to make things function that little bit better. By combining research, prototyping, visual design and interactions, I aim to transform problems into pixel perfect solutions that makes peoples lives that little bit easier.

Freelancing for the last eight years between corporates and in house agencies has taught me how to
balance business goals and constraints and  focus on what is important to users.

My working process…

The first stage is to identify and contextualize the actual problems or opportunity. Identifying users and keeping an open mind is crucial to ensure maximum creative problem-solving.
Normal activities in this stage include speaking to users, market research, whilst keeping in mind users wants, needs and behaviours.
Define the problem
By defining the problem in a few sentances, it ensures stakeholders, clients and team members are all on the same page about what we are working towards.
Exploring ideas and mapping out potential solutions at this stage can help to trigger new ideas and give us a base to start testing against users.
Test & reiterate
I can then begin to speak to a wide range of users and test these ideas  to ensure we are meeting requirements and working towards solving the problem.
With enough information gathered from testing I can begin to create designs that can be validated by user feedback.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with:

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